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Credits and Rebates

Electric Heat Credit Program 
   Lacreek Electric will pay a credit 2 cents per kilo Watt hour for all separately metered electric heat. For example, a member using 1,000 kWh of electric heat would receive a credit of $20.00.
   Lacreek Electric will furnish the heat metering equipment free of charge for consumer installations. There will be a $25.00 charge if Lacreek Electric installs the equipment. 
   Persons paying for separately metered electric heat must meet the following criteria. 
   •   At least 75% of the structure must be wired with permanently installed electric heat. 
   •   The heat meter must be located outside the structure. 
   The electric heat credit is given for seven months-October 1 to April 30. During these months, the member receives a reading request for the heat meter. The read­ing must be returned to the office prior to the last working day of the month for the credit to be included on the member's next bill. 
   Low interest loans for electric heat equipment are available for qualifying members at Lacreek Electric. Inquire at the Lacreek office for more details. 


Download water heater rebate form.

Click here to download a load control application.

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