Electric Heat Credit Program

Lacreek Electric will pay a credit of .02 cents per kilo-watt hour for all separately metered electric heat. For example, a member using 1,000 kWh of electric heat would receive a credit of $20.00 on their monthly electric bill.

Is your home at least 75% permanently installed with electric heat?


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Electric Water Heater Incentive Program

Installing a NEW, Electric Water Heater?

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Rebate Information and Application


Water Heater Load Control Program

We'll give you $50 if you'll just put your water heater under the co-op's load control program. The installation is free and the cost savings to you will go well beyond the $50 bill credit or check we'll give you. You'll be playing a vital part in holding the co-op's power cost down just by letting your water heater work when the power is less expensive. 

  Load Control Info, Application and Agreement